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Your Programme Pack

We all try our best to ensure that our children eat healthy, balanced and nutritious meals. Incorporating all the right food groups and not too much junk food in our kids’ meals is always a challenge. Unfortunately, the youngsters often have different ideas as to what they should be eating and turn up their noses at the broccoli and cauliflower we try to serve at the table.

Even those parents blessed with kids who enjoy a wide variety of fruit and vegetables find it difficult to get them to eat enough portions every day, especially in our rushed and busy lives. Unfortunately it is also a fact that our fruits and vegetables these days do not contain the same levels of nutrients as in the past, due to modern intensive farming methods.

Are vitamins important to children? Do children need vitamins? The answer to these is YES! Vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients are, by definition, substances we need for our body to function normally. We need vitamins and minerals for healthy vision, to grow, to make bones and connective tissue, to fight infections, disease and cancer, to heal wounds, to prevent us from bleeding to death, and to keep our teeth healthy and strong.

Supreme Wellness has been developed by a registered dietician as a comprehensive programme that will ensure that your child gets not only all the vitamins, minerals and other essential building blocks he/she requires, but also the correct quantities thereof.

Supreme Wellness includes healthy, balanced eating plans for all ages and activity levels so as to help ensure that your child learns healthy eating habits from the earliest age possible. Our biokineticist – who specialises in children’s exercises – has worked out easy exercises for all activity levels as part of our holistic wellness programme. Supreme Wellness is the ultimate child wellness programme that has been scientifically and professionally designed to form the basis of all healthy children’s daily eating plans.

Your programme pack contains information and reading material on:

  • Do's and don'ts for parents of overweight children
  • Nutritional Quiz
  • Top 10 Tips for Healthy Children
  • How many treats can we eat?
  • Raising a fit kid
  • What about children that do not like sport?

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