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Modern studies suggest mushrooms can be useful for antibacterial, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. While also helping to reduce blood pressure, moderate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, enhance the immune system, reduce stress and help in fighting many types of cancer.

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Food Lists
There are six food groups, which are classified as follows:
  • Starches (e.g. bread, crackers, cereal, rice, pasta, couscous, potato, sweet potato, corn)
  • Proteins and vegetarian substitutes (e.g. meat, chicken, fish, cottage cheese)
  • Dairy (milk and yoghurt)
  • Vegetables (non-starchy)
  • Fruit (fresh, dried and canned in juice)
  • Miscellaneous (this includes fats such as olive oil and condiments such as tomato sauce)
For balanced eating you should consume foods from all of these groups on a daily basis as they are all essential to good health.

Each group has a list of recommended options for your age group, gender and activity. Foods in a group can be swapped for equivalent portion sizes WITHIN THE SAME GROUP. For example, if your meal plan suggests that you have one portion of starch, you simply swap 1 slice low-GI bread (one portion) for 1 cup popped popcorn (one portion).
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