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The protein contained in eggs is considered to be the highest quality protein out of all foods.

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More Info - Overcome Temptations
It is not a matter of “if” but “when” you will be tempted! You and you alone are responsible for the choices you make. You can support yourself by anticipating challenges and developing a plan of action for managing potentially difficult situations.

What will you do when a friend shows up with a plate of home-made brownies? What will happen when it is raining and you can’t go for your regular walk? When you think ahead, you think more clearly and react more effectively.

There are many “real-life” situations that can jeopardise your weight maintenance and here are some handy tips to set you up for success!

Topics that are covered in the Supreme Wellness Booklet include Restaurants & Take-outs, Shopping, Mental Exercises, Stress and How to deal with Cravings.
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