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Coconut milk is not the same as coconut water. Coconut milk has a high fat content of around 17%, but is low in sugars. It is frequently added to curries and other savoury dishes.

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More Info - Support System
Find the right support to maximise success. Enlist the right positive, supportive people to provide accountability and friendship. Being surrounded with positive, encouraging people during this journey is critical. Losing weight can be an emotional roller coaster. For a child, doing it alone is impossible. Everyone needs someone in their corner cheering for them.

One of the main reasons to enlist help in your weight loss journey is to find accountability. It often helps just to have to answer to someone else about your food intake, exercise and weight loss. Emotionally, it helps to have someone whom you can relate to and vice versa. It is also helpful knowing that someone is rooting for you and that he/she is there for you whenever you have a triumph or a weak moment.

More details about a support system can be found in the Supreme Wellness Booklet.
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