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Mycophagist is the term used for people who collect mushrooms to eat from the wild. The act of collecting these mushrooms is known as 'mushroom hunting', or 'mushrooming'.

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More Info - Keeping Record
Maintaining a daily activity and food intake sheet has long been a vital component of weight management. Research shows that people who are most successful at keeping their weight off are those who maintain a written record of their food and exercise.

This is also particularly helpful during holidays, when people tend to put on weight easily. Emotions also play a role in food intake and keeping record of that will also help you to see where management of weight becomes difficult. This can help you to pre-empt situations in future. If the same scenario should come up, you can plan ahead to see how you would handle it this time around. Same goes for temptations – you will now be able to analyse when and where you experienced temptations and plan ahead for what you can do next time!

The template for record keeping can be found in the Supreme Wellness Booklet.
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