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Raw pineapple can be a great source of manganese and vitamin C. Also bromelain is an enzyme that breaks down protein and is present in raw pineapple making the fruit useful as a digestive aid and an effective anti-inflammatory.

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Physical Activity
Physical Activity

This must become a lifetime habit. Not only will exercise help to maintain the lean weight (muscle and water), but it also helps you to control the appetite. Kids who are physically fit, sleep better and are better able to handle physical and emotional challenges.

Make the goals small enough to accomplish and big enough to matter! Goals should also be specific enough so that one easily knows whether they have been accomplished.

How active do you need to be? In general, children require about one hour of moderate physical activity per day.

One way to determine how much activity is enough is to keep track of the exercise and see how it affects the weight. If the weight creeps up when the average is 30 minutes per day, see what happens when it is increased to an hour. Resolve to do whatever it takes to ensure that physical activity forms part of a new lifestyle.

In the same way that you can adjust the energy intake on any given day to help compensate for the indulgences of the day before, a few extra steps or extra time at the gym can also help to help regain control of the weight. However, being consistent in a moderate way is far more effective than being superhuman occasionally.

A friend or family member might be willing to join in on the exercise routine. The support and structure of a “buddy system” will keep motivation going and one is less likely to break a commitment to a friend than a promise to oneself!

The bottom line: find an activity that you enjoy, that fits into your lifestyle and keep moving!!

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